Creating Fluency in the Language of Prevention!
Creating Fluency in the Language of Prevention!

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” —Goethe

"The nation’s health and economic futures—best care at lower cost—depend on the ability to steward the evolution of a continuously learning health care system." - Institute of Medicine


Approved by AAPC for 8 hours of CEU's

What's in your patient portal?

Consider the power of a universal language such as games...

A recent study from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine examined the effects of gaming on health outcomes, and video games improved 69% of psychological therapy outcomes, 59% of physical therapy outcomes, 50% of physical activity outcomes, 46% of clinician skills outcomes, 42% of health education outcomes, 42% of pain distraction outcomes, and 37% of disease self-management outcomes. 

Games to Engage and Empower Your Frontline!

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Basic Principles

ICD-10 for Frontline

Basic on-demand ICD-10 Training for the whole office!




ICD-10 for Coders

Complete code set training for all your coders! AAPC Approved for 13.5 hours of CEU!


MRA Speedway


Improve your team's overall performance on the track with this fun game on medicare risk adjustment.


Miami Beach Shark Attack


A fun and innovative way to engage staff and ensure 5 STAR Ratings!


Games to Empower and Engage your Patients

Health literacy is how a patient can understand and act on health information. Low health literacy affects over 90 million people in the United States. It is a crisis of understanding medical information more than a problem of access to information. Patients and families who struggle to understand health information have a difficult time following medical recommendations and are at greater risk for health problems — which, in turn, has a negative effect on health outcomes and the entire health care system.


Health information can confuse anyone. mHealth Games helps patients and caregivers better understand and act on health information. 


Under Siege

If you can hear my voice, you are in danger. Our city is under siege and we need your help. An emergency call for volunteers has been issued. Please join the Health Literacy Corps today!



The Case of the Bad Blood Sugar

Mr. Bad Blood Sugar and his gang of carbohydrates have initiated a crime wave of epidemic proportions! Dectective Wells is hot on their trail, but he needs you to help find the clues that will solve the mystery.



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Special Delivery

Engage your patients with heart healthy tips that will keep them on the road to success. 



Health-e Olympics

Teach your patients stretches and offer fitness tips as they explore Olympic Village.

Diabetes Space Race

Join us as we race to learn as much as we can about diabetes and staying healthy!



Wellness World Series

 Dr. D.'s team is down by 3 runs at the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs on the board, and you have just been asked to step in as the designated hitter.



“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

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