Creating Fluency in the Language of Prevention!
Creating Fluency in the Language of Prevention!

Games Drive Engagement


Games drive engagement through consumer activation. We know this!


They are a fantastic way to challenge learners and keep them engaged and interacting with the content at hand.


So, how do we improve on something that is already awesome?


We embed it in a learning ecosystem that drives improvement through partnerships with all stakeholders.


This new learning environment sets the stage for providers, patients and caregivers to connect and communicate - anytime, anywhere, any place and on any device.


As we move towards a healthcare system that reimburses for value instead of volume we will need tools that can capture this next generation of care.  


We will need to automate the processes of education and learning much like the electronic claims we send today.


All of this data will then need to be interpreted to understand and truly visualize the path to wellness.


That feedback will allow us to refine the process and continually work to improve the delivery of care.


But what if we can already do this through fun, engaging, and cost effective e-learning games? mHealth Games Can!


With the help of new technology, such as the xAPI, we can now track and measure all those things that were so hard to track before.


These short games below can capture up to 32 data points vs. the traditional check boxes, and take days to get to market instead of months. Imagine the possibilities. 


Click the image to Play "Under Siege"

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