Creating Fluency in the Language of Prevention!
Creating Fluency in the Language of Prevention!

mHealth's Innovative Learning Health Care System - Inspired by the Institute of Medicine

With mHealth’s innovative patient facing platform your ordinary tablet can transform the way you deliver care and improve the experience for all stakeholders.


Imagine the value of engaging and empowering your patients anytime, anywhere on your own innovative learning platform.


Well, now you can!


With state of the art analytics that track and measure more than just the experience -


You can actually visualize when your patients have “mastered” specific objectives relating to their chronic diseases!


With our state of the art patient centric dashboards, we can connect with up to 5 different API's including blue button connect.


Take your analytics to the next level while gaming your way to wellness!


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How are you Assessing your Congestive Heart Failure Patients?

Capturing the proper intelligence to combat CHF and Re-Admissions


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HealthStar Games

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