Creating Fluency in the Language of Prevention!
Creating Fluency in the Language of Prevention!

Patient-Generated Mobile Data

Improves Clincal Care

What is Patient-Generated Data?

Patient-Generated Data or PGD is:

  • Any health or medical data a patient inputs electronically is considered patient-generated data.


Why is PGD Important?

PGD is important because it:

  • Affects the bottom line for hospitals and managed care organizations by increasing efficiency and improving the quality of outcomes.
  • Eases the burden of communication with providers through real-time interaction thus improving patient satisfaction.

PGD and Big-Data Analytics

Integrating Small Data into the Big Data Equation:

  • PGD and Big-Data Analytics closes current gaps in our healthcare system by creating records on patient habits outside of the traditional care setting that affect the overall patient care. 

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